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Repair AI file Free

Repair AI File Free is a powerful yet simple repair and recovery utility for damaged Adobe Illustrator files
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Repair AI file
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2 August 2011

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This is a tool that helps recover damaged Adobe Illustrator files.

Adobe Illustrator is a very popular graphics package. If a data file created gets corrupted, it will mean loss of a lot of work. Damages can occur for a range of reasons as we all are aware. It could be due to virus attack, power problems, and hardware or software corruption. Whatever it is, it is useful if the output files could be recovered. This tool can help save you the hiring cost of a specialist, and operates very easily. This has a simple interface and is quite intuitive. Most users would be able to get productive very quickly. The controls are also well laid out. Users will be able to figure out what to do and how to do it. Operating it does not require any special skills. This tool uses an error database. All you do is to use the mouse to click a few times and this tool will do the repair job.

You will need to select the files first. Then you let the tool analyze the corrupted file and determine the types of problem, problem pattern, etc. In the third step this tool will recommend actions and all you need to do, is to choose the action. The size and the complexity of the file will determine how long it takes to analyze the file and determine the repair actions. The recovered file will not be in PDF format nor will it be compressed. You will need to use the Illustrator program to compressed file again and convert to PDF. A log provided tells you about all the events that happened during the recovery process. This is a good product and has many useful features. If you have a need, here is a good candidate for trying out.

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Adobe Illustrator is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world - it is one of the most popular graphics packages on the market today. When an Adobe Illustrator file is damaged or corrupted, perhaps because of a hardware failure, or maybe due to an unwanted infection with a virus or other form of malware, this spells trouble! How do you get your Illustrator files back? Pay hundreds of dollars to a technician or recovery specialist to get your work back, or do you simply download Repair AI File Free in seconds and follow the recovery process in minutes! You do not need any previous experience with performing file recoveries, nor do you need any specialist computer skills - if you can click a mouse, you can recover your Adobe Illustrator files with ease. Repair AI File Free is powered by a state of the art database and error database: all you need to do is follow the simple, on screen instructions and let Repair AI File Free do all the heavy lifting. Step 1 is for you to select the file you want to recover. Step 2 is to let Repair AI File Free analyze the file and compare the errors to our database. Step 3 is to review the recommendations and confirm file recovery. That's it - as easy as 1-2-3! This is so easy, even you child can perform the recovery, and remember there is no need for any expert skills or experience in performing file recoveries. Simply download Repair AI File Free in seconds and within minutes you will have recovered your damaged files. How long the utility takes to analyze and repair your files will depend on the size and complexity of the files under review, however it is far quicker and more effective to use Repair AI File Free than any other utility or buy in expert help. If Repair AI File Free is unable to recommend a file recovery, you can simply email the file to us and we shall perform a manual inspection and file recovery - we love to hear from our customers with new problems to improve Repair AI File Free even more!
Repair AI file Free
Repair AI file Free
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